Snap Skill Membership


Membership demonstrates your commitment to professional growth, knowledge sharing and advancement. Become a Member and enhance your value!
Perks of being a snap skill member are:

We have collaborated with many of the top companies and NGOs in India which are hiring interns and brand ambassadors. Let Snap Skill have the privilege to find you the best internships in your city. 
As a member, you can go in for unlimited internship opportunities absolutely free !!



Get a chance to indulge in the list of upcoming college fests and events in Snap Skill- Cultural, Technical,  Management and all other fests. The latest on public events happening at college chapters, including arts, athletics, academics and other campus activities.

Snap Skill offers state-of-the-art Career Counseling by getting the members connected with our mentors who are experts in their fields. 
Get online Career Guidance and Counseling from our expert panel to build your careerplan!




Why Be a Snap Skill Member?


  • Helps you meet people and make friends with those who have similar interests. College is about making new friends, understanding different perspectives, and meeting different kinds of people.  Getting involved in campus activities gives you the chance to meet people and diversify your contacts beyond the circle of people you will encounter in your residence hall or classes.
  • You don't have to struggle as hard as your peers to get an internship, Snap Skill is there for you.
  • You will be guided by our esteemed mentors at all points of your college life, so making mistakes will be quite difficult for you.
  • You are likely to find people who share the same interests, goals and values as yourself. This reinforces your own interests and ideas, which leads to great self-satisfaction and feelings of purpose.






  • Snap Skill members who are active in campus activities, who do more than focus solely on their studies, are more engaged in the campus community and succeed more academically.
  • Being involved encourages and advances your development on all levels: intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and social.
  • Being involved in some groups may be a resume builder.  Although this certainly shouldn’t be the primary reason for joining a group or participating in an activity, it may be something that you should add to your resume.
  • You will learn to deal with all kinds of people.  You will not only meet and spend time with other types of students, your activities may place you in closer contact with faculty members, administrators, or members of the outside community.
  • As a result of your involvement, you will gain knowledge, skills and experience in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development and management, budgeting and finance, presentation and public speaking, and much more!





And Remember !
Your Success is our success


Being involved in the things happening at the college can bring tremendous benefits to you.  However, as with so many things during these college years, it is important that you find balance. Participating in some groups at school, and attending activities on campus are important for your well-being. But being involved in everything, allowing activities to distract from studies or interfere with a focus on what you want from life, can be dangerous. You have to ask yourself – “How much is enough?” and “How much is too much?”  You will need to find the appropriate and comfortable level of involvement for yourself.




Looks Interesting? Be a Member Now!

  • Your communication skills will improve because you are interacting with different people. You may learn even more if you are on the executive board. You learn to balance education and organizational work focusing on your goals
  • Engage yourself in new workshops and have the opportunity to feed a new interest.  You can explore an area that you might have thought about but not been involved in before. You also may discover hidden talents or new passions.
  • Snap Skill members have a wide network in colege and feel more connected to the university, the campus, the people, and are more familiar with the resources the university provides.
  • Students involved in chapter functions report higher levels of satisfaction with their college experience
  •  It is a wonderful opportunity for you learn from seniors who have been a part of Snap Skill and get connected to them. It helps you with job search and mentoring.