Core Team


The Core Team at Snap Skill is responsible for handling all the happenings of Snap Skill and is accountable for all the actions in and around the organization. The core team members consists of various diverse background and individually help to provide a better service to the organization. Core team has various departments in which you can associate with.




Functions of the Core team


  • Initiating events like workshops, competitions, fests etc in college chapters
  • Partnering with companies and ngos for providing internships
  • Managing the working of college chapters teams on regular basis
  • Engaging people having great expertise in their field of knowledge to be on board and join the mentors' panel
  • Manage the movement of information to the general public from the media
  • Training and managing new entrants in the team
  • Fascilitating the communication between mentor and mentee
  • Keeping a record on the quantity and quality of events in chapters
  • Work collaboratively with other organizations in order to meet organizational objectives
  • Handle the communication with other college societies on behalf of Snap Skill
  • To promote events to the public through word of mouth and the distribution of publicity at promotional events




Departments in Core Team :

Be a part of our Core Team :

gallery/public relations team
gallery/corporae relations team
gallery/media team
gallery/mentor relations team
gallery/publicity team