Q) Benefits do members seek?

A) click here 


Q) Factors influence to join snap skill?

A) The basic factors we believe are : 

                    1. Personal and Professional Growth
                    2. Lots of new connections

                    3. Cultural understanding and exposure. 
                    4. Fun
                    5. Motivation and Inspiration
                    6. Working for a cause you believe in. 

Q) Is the criterion to be a member?

A) If you are : 

                    1. Human

                    2. Student

                    3. Both 1 and 2


Q) Kind of support services do members seek after college?

A) Once you graduate from college, you become a snap skill alumni. an alumni can avail all the services of snap skill and can also exploit snap skill resources for success in professional life may it be entrepreneurship or service.






Q) Do students purchase membership?

A) If your college is already has a snap skill chapter then you can contact chapter president. elsewise you can contact any other college chapter or core team member.


Q) Long does the membership last?

A) Lifetime 


Q) Much does the membership cost us? price of membership?

A) The membership and all services are free of cost


Q) Do the members use the membership?

A) They can use it to avail our services like internships, workshops, competitions, career counseling and work in ongoing projects. All of this with no additional charges and unlimited times.


Q) Does the membership fit into my career?

A) Your career gets a headstart after you become a snap skill member. use of membership gives you a constant boost in your career.






Q) Do we get the membership from?

A) If Your College Is Already Has A Snap Skill Chapter Then You Can Contact Chapter President.          Elsewise You Can Contact Any Other College Chapter Or Core Team Member.


Q) Do the members seek info about the membership?

A) from our information portal <click here>


Q) Do members put the membership into use?

A) Depends on you. more you use the services, faster you climb the success ladder






Q) Should I become a member of snap skill?

A) First day of college. If you missed the chance, become a member now!


Q) Should I avail the membership services?

A) 24*7






Q) Should I be a member?

A) Why not?


Q) Snap Skill?

A) Need we say more?