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Join today to develop and prepare yourself for future success.
In today's world of cut throat competition what does one need to stand out from the crowd ?
We at Snap Skill aim to provide students with the opportunity to become career ready providing them leadership qualities and soft skills so that they become leaders of tomorrow.
You can join us by working with the Snap Skill College Chapter in your college or by assisting us in our Core Team and managing Snap Skill.



Core team


The Core Team at Snap Skill is responsible for handling all the happenings of Snap Skill and is accountable for all the actions in and around the organization. The core team members consists of various diverse background and individually help to provide a better service to the organization. 

Core team has various departments in which you can associate with.

Departments being : public relations team, corporate team, media team, serv qual team, publicity team, sales and marketing.



College chapters


Snap Skill has established a wide network of college chapters which form one of the largest student network in campuses.

Become a part of your existing Snap Skill College Chapter or initiate a college chapter in your college 
to get a chance to indulge in the list of upcoming college fests and events in Snap Skill.  Become in charge of the latest on public events happening at college chapters, including arts, athletics, academics and other campus activities.

To be a part of existing college chapter, contact your chapter president.